Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New year

It's hard to believe the holiday season is over. We had a great Christmas even though it was the first one Amber wasn't at home. She went to Tulsa with Rocky to meet his family. For the first time in years, Bryan was really happy about his gifts. He's impossible to buy for but this year he made a Amazon wish list for tons of hung gear. I got the Kindle Fire, amazon gift cards, a case and some Top Siders. I've been reading up a storm. I'd heard about The Hunger games and while I hate to get on a bandwagon, they are great. With Amazon Prime, the first book was free and I've started on the second one. I have lots of time to read since I'm in bed sick, a combo of the ever-present autoimmune fatigue and a cold.
I was determined to buy a breakfast room table and chairs having tired of my small antique table and vintage chairs that were falling apart. Luckily, a friend posted a set on FB for sale and that evening we picked it up. It's nice I have a decent size table in their gain.
Well, I better get back to reading.

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