Monday, August 15, 2011


I fractured a bone in my foot into many little pieces last summer. I finally had surgery to remove it in June of this year. After eight weeks, it has finally healed and I can begin to start walking. I have to wear a very stiff sole shoe and the only ones that work are the Skecher's shape ups. Their weird walking action makes walking easier when you are trying to avid walking on the little area under your big toe. I have one pair of white and pink sneakers so soon I have to go buy the black mary jane version for work. I hate not having variety but I'm grateful to walk semi-normal again.
Ken is home for one more day and the heads back to Afghanistan. He has been there since the end of last year. His new Harley will stay in the garage so Bryan will get to enjoy it some. Ken spent all day cleaning the garage (Bryan is a pack rat and I have tons of holiday decorations). He took a huge load to the dump and moved some of my decorations inside. Bryan seems to be having a diverticulitis flare again. He is such a bad patient! Morgan begins her senior year homeschooling once again. Amber is working and nit going back to school (trying to keep my opinions to myself. Life is getting busy and I'm tired already. I have to find a new doc for pain management and my Enbrel injections haven't been working so we have to decide what to try next to stop the disease progression. I am in pain every day it's just a matter of how much. My right elbow will no longer straighten because of joint damage and that scares me because I don't want to continue to get funkier!

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